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NI 6583 maxes out at 15MHz?

I am using the NI 6583 to read in a clock. I need it to ideally go up to 80MHz. I have my setup where my clock is essentially tied to a counter.


I have my clock connected to the PFI/STROBE/ DDC A pin of the 6584 cables and my vi is essentially a timed loop (with DDC A being the frequency) and in the timed loop is just a feedback loop of a boolean getting NOT a bunch as well as a CLIP that counts every 80E6 positive edges.


However, I did notice that anything above 15MHz it errors and gives me this error essentially ( . According to the datasheet, it should go up to a lot greater than 80 MHz (9ns is ~111MHz). and I'm running my clock way before I start my code.


Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks!

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