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NI 5122 add processing filter step truncate the initial curve

Hello fellows,


I'm trying to add Waveform Processing Step to my NI5122 channel 0 acqusition and I don't understand why my resulting waveform have some point that are truncated from original waveform.

In attached file the Vi that I run to adquire my waveform on channel 0. I apply the Butterworth IIR Filter directly to the waveform that is adquired on channel 0 and I don't have the same problem as when I tried to apply the filter directly through the Add Waveform Processing step VI.

Is there any step I am missing to proceed correctly the filter on the digitizer ?


Best regards,

Armindo PINTO


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Hello NewCLAD,


Thank you for posting on the National Instruments' forum.


I think the difference between both your Waveform is how you read your sample.

On one hand you use the multi-read wdt VI and in the other hand you use Fetch Measurement VI. If you use indicator, you can see that the number of samples is different between them.Capture5.PNG

If you want more inforamtion you can use these links:




Kind regards.




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