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.NET Http/Https Get document

Note that there are different security protocols for SSL.

These examples here work only for the TLS protocol which is the default.

But if the server doesn't support TLS you won't get a response.

You can change the protocol by adding a property node for the SecurityProtocol of the class System.NET.ServicePointManager.

A possible value would be "Ssl3" for example:



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I want to download an xml document that has a https url, so this thread should really help me accomplish that. Unfortunately I can't even find the .NET assembly that contains the WebRequest methods. Anayone know which assembly I should choose in the Labview Class browser to find these methods?


BTW. the code snippet has the method nodes removed when I drag it into Labview. Maybe that means that the assembly is not present in my installation?




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Hi, I'm trying to do the exact same thing with no success any ideas?

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What version of .NET is installed ?

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The webpage i'm trying to parse is: where the IP is the device I'm trying to query. I was wondering if there's a way to do the File - Save As of IE explorer programatically?


I'm using LabVIEW 2009 and .NET Framerwork 3.5 SP1

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If you are trying to store the contents of the web page, you could use HttpResponse. I've not done the "Save As" ...



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I end up doing this (see attached VI). Seems to works, but you need to run it at least twice to get the proper text on the indicator "inner text" Any idea why? or any improvement?


I got this idea from one of the NI Examples.


Thank you!

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Hi ethmx,


Have you tried running your code with highlight execution turned on? Does the 'inner text' indicator populate correctly on the first try withe exeuction highlighting turned on?




Andy C.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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I'm also very interested in seeing this work with .NET .  HttpRequest > write to excel file > save to web server..


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i was using your fantastic Example To make a HTTPS POST .

But now I have to do to log into a site What use HTTPS , dove I can INSERT into Your "VI" The credentials ( username and password) ???

Thank you

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