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Myrio driver not installing properly.


I have  a MyRio whichI run the labview project on it. It was working properly before the windows getting update.

Now, when i connect the myrio to the surface(which the program is on it), it doesn't recognize the myrio. in NIMax it cannot connect to the myrio as well. 

I connected that to another computer and it works perfectly. 

There is no rolleback for the driver, i uninstall and reinstall it again,update the driver, brows the driver to the correct location but there was no luck. 

It founds the driver as "Generic USB-EEM Network Adapter#2". 

What can i do?


Thanks for your help.

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This article may be helpful:


Dane S.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks Dane,

I reinstall the NI software real time kit, did all the updates and turned off the firewall so it finally starts working.


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