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[MyRIO 1900] Establish I2C connection with BME680


Hello, this is Denis from Spain.

I am going to explain my problem real quick:


I am trying to obtain data from a BME680, using a NI MyRIO 1900 device. The problem is it always throws the rror code -363011, which I found it is about not receiving an acknowledgment signal AKA I am not getting the bus working properly.


I am really desperate about this, It's been a week and I can't find any "really really basic" tutorials on how to make it, and I need to know ASAP.


Attached to this very post is a screenshot of said VI so you guys can see it and tell me all the things I am doing wrong.


Thank you so much, hoping for a quick reply to solve this situation.

I am really stressed due to this.


P.D. I am using LabView 2013 (MyRIO)



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Thank you so much, I'm gonna take a peep and I'll let you know.

Glad to see somneone answer, haha.

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