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My stupid DIODE wont curve..HELP


I've trying to get my VI to compute/display the elusive Diode characteristic curve.  As usual, after 8 hours, I still can't get it to work.


The Diode Voltage/Current graph is supposed to have a gentle sweep curve emanating from the origin. 


Mine is straight.


I have a DAQ box collecting V.I.R parameters and I know for certain that my connections/components are are correct.


I think I'm close to the solution but obviously I'm missing something.


Can you help me find it?


Thanks, A

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The graph strictly comes from your calculations in the upper part of your loop.  Your daqmx stuff doesn't really do anything.  (For me it just generates errors because I don't have a DAQ card connected.)  You are outputting data on an analog Write,  and reading data on an Analog Read, but actually you really aren't because you have nothing connected to the data output of the DAQmx Read.


Your line is straight because your math is linear!.   y=m*x   where m=1/.0093, or ~107.52

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What if I:


If I connect READ, from inside FOR loop, to y terminal on bundle.


Keep the WRITE wired as is


Connect output of equation, from inside FOR loop, to x terminal on bundle.


Does the equation have to be multiplied by e?  As in the ideal diode equation?



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I should be Reading the current and writing the Voltage


How do I wire that?

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The same way you managed to do what you've done so far in creating your VI.


It seems like you are asking how to start your car after you've already driven it to the repair shop.


I would recommend you learn more about LabVIEW from here. How to Learn LV

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