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My labVIEW application is not working on an WindowsNT system when I have no administrator rights

My LabVIEW application is running on a Windows NT system (NTFS based) when I installed it as administrator and When I'm logged on as an administrator. Once I'm logged on as a user, it is not running anymore. Do I need file or folder permissions that the application has no access to ?
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When you are logged on as administrator, you can use the utilities to define what directories the user has access to. Ensure that the user has access to Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW as well as the directory that the program is in. If you are using any VISA or GPIB.DLL functions, then ensure that the user has rights in those directories as well.

Quite often when installing as the administrator, the user only has read priveledge in the installed directories. With LabVIEW *ALWAYS* creating a .INI file, the user will need write priveledge as well.

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