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My MPC application stops working if I stabllish MPC Optimization parameters



I am working with Labview 8.5 and the Control Desing & Simulation Toolkit, to create a MPC controller of a real plant.


I am trying to stablish constraints to u(k). When I fix this parameters, the the MPC controller doesn't do anything. There is no prediction and control signal at all.


I am wondering if it is a bug, because the input of the "Create MPC Controller" than lets you to stablish this MPC Optimization Parameters was unwired by defalut (unwired in the VI than is included in the toolkit). I wired it doubleclicking the VI and joining the conector whit the control.


Could anybody help me?


Thanks in advance.



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Hey Maria,


Could you post an example VI to demonstrate what you are seeing?

Andy Chang
National Instruments
LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation
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