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Multisim - Labview (co-simulation)



I am facing a bottleneck. I am trying to create an "External Model" through the Control and Simulation module in Labview in which I add a Multisim External Model. I looked at tutorials to fix that. The only problem when I go to "Control Design and Simulation" ---> "simulation" ---> external model. I cannot see the Multisim thing. I only see "External Model". I tried to import the .dll and header file associated with Multisim. However, I do not know which ones they are. I am suspecting it is because I don't have the Multisim Power pro (I have the education version). Does anybody know a fix for this problem.


Much Appreciation


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Hi prodigy,


Udka is right, but if you have not your question answered I can tell you that you have not installed the LabVIEW-Multisim Co-simulation Plug-in for LabVIEW. Try with this link


Best regards !

Patricio Cortes | NI Cono Sur
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