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Multiplying Arrays Question

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Hey guys I searched and searched and searched on the boards, on google, and tried youtubing but I'm having problems creating a VI. What I need to do is create two 1D arrays which need to be multiplied together and divided by 100 to create a 2D array. I tried multiplying them together through the multiplication function but it only lets me make a 1D array output. I'm having a tough time with this. Here is a picture of what I have and what I'm supposed to have. Thanks for the help guys. Please help me learn guys. Explanations would be awesome. I know I'm going to look silly but it's an honest question.



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04-14-2016 10:16 PM

Wrap a FOR loop around the multiply operation and disable indexing on the "principals" input tunnel.. Make the indicator a 2D array.

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This was amazing, can you please explain what the for loop and disabling indexing did? Thank you so much!

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The For loop iterates over the rates. taking a single rate per iteration until it runs out of elements. For each iteration, the current rate is multiplied with all principals, forming a row of a 2D array at the output tunnel. We get one row per element in the rate array.


This is very basic stuff. You might want to start with a few tutorials.

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Hi to all. I have a question about arrays and other data in Labview.
My Application looks like on this picture.


Labview will be copy the big "Array" on "enter in subVI" point. And if I have many different subVIs, who getting some data from this array - it will be copyng every time. So, how can I get data from same array on different subVIs without its copy.

I think i shell use "new data value reference" function.


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@0Forest0 wrote:
Labview will be copy the big "Array" on "enter in subVI" point.

Not necessarily.  It depends on what you do inside of the subVIs.  If you are showing the front panel of each of these subVIs, there will be a data copy for the front panel.  But LabVIEW has gotten smart enough to use the same buffer for inline operations.

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Thank you for your explanations.

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