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Multiple webcam

Hi Ravens,

I had problem receiving the images from the webcam to the labview when I used the LV on a laptop which has a built in camera. So, now there are two cameras- one (the usb interfaced)  from which i wanna actually grap an image and the other one is the laptop's camera (i disabled this one as I dont want image from it). Sometimes I dont get an image. I think there is a collision between the two cameras. Is there any solution for that.

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Hello Mozill,

I'm sorry, but I don't have any advice that could help you with that issue.

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Are you using IMAQ USB Enumerate Cameras to find the camera you are using?  This VI will output the names that IMAQ for USB uses to access your cameras.  You can choose the name of the camera you wish to use output by this function, and that should eliminate any concern of collision between the two cameras.
Jasper S
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Smiley HappyHi, my name is Luis (medel)  and i'm doing a project with a robot to realize stereovision, and i have the same troubles that you guys. I use 2 USB webcams but everytime i try to see both images labvoew crash, the only thing that i see that stops this is when you use an STATUS property linked to the GO button like the examples of the PETES home page with the webcam. You must use two STATUS property to prevent crash linked to an AND gate and then to the GO button inside the WHILE process.

That's one idea to STOP crashing Labview, also i have an idea to see the two images, why not open a sesion1 first grab a image1 then close the sesion1, open sesion 2 grab image2 and close sesion2 all this inside a WHILE process, it sounds complicated but why don't give it a try? one posible problem it's that the images could be a little "slow"Smiley Sad

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Hi, Luis, unfortunally, there's no way to start and capture both cameras with labview.

For now Labview suports only one camera at time.
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Is it noway to do the labview with two webcam work together????
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You can use multiple cameras if you're using the IEEE 1394 drivers and a "fire wire" cameras.  I've had four cameras all streaming at the same time.


Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen:
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I have only two the same USB-webcam.
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one possibility is to use Windows Image Acquisition Automation Layer (WIA), as I tried it some time ago, but I managed to achive very low fps rates (1 fps). Or maybe use some usb hubs.
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now i use Flat Sequence Structure  it work with two camera,but the problem now it to store the image ,i just can get one image store in one file .anyone know how to get Continuous image maybe 2sec store one image.
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