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Multiple webcam

Try the NI Examples that came with the USB Webcam pack... they work fine! (but don't press the ABORT button, use the STOP on the VI or it will crash Labview)
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Thanks for the help. I got the "Grab with Property page" to work right away. It shows me how to use these VI's.  Is there a work around with the duplicate name problem? The two cameras have different names in the system device manager, but LabVIEW does not register the two cameras as having different names. If nothing else I was thinking of buying different named cameras and just switching which camera I use in software. This is fine since our server has three different experiments that are being served through LabVIEW, but only one at a time can be used. I have a Logitech IM and it is a great camera. What are some of the other cameras that are great to use with this solution?
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There's a trick to change the webcam's labview names.

Open the windows registry (Start->run->regedit.exe)

If you replace the webcam name in every place inside the register, then labview will list your cameras with different name...

But you have to figure out wich camera you are renaming... give it a try, but I recommend creating an windows restore point.
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I have tried the registry solution suggested in the post by "luismenez..." (

The solution seems to work: different names can be assigned to "identical" (same brand/same model) cameras. Modifying the windows registry, however, is not an ideal solution and it makes the system unstable to certain operations (for example, if you disconnect a webcam and then replug it in, the system crashes and you get a blue screen). As mentioned by luis, it is VERY IMPORTANT to create a Windows restore point (using "system restore" in the "system tools" folder within "accessories").

I found it convenient to use the program "Registrar Registry Manager" in place of "regedit". A lite version of the program can be downloaded at:

To change the camera names, plug in one webcam at a time, do a search for its name as displayed by IMAQ USB Enumerate Cameras, select all the entries in the registry where the camera name appears as data, and replace the camera name with a different one. Then  plug in the  next  camera and do the same.

I can't state strongly enough, that THIS IS NOT AN IDEAL solution, and it would be preferrable to know what part of the registry to modify so as to not cause problems with the system or better still, have a driver which allowed to customise the camera name without entering the registry.

If anyone has a better solution, please post it here. Thanks.

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Hi Prart,

I cant even get one web camera working. The details of the web camera I am working on are available at

I am using the Labview Webcam Library from Pete's homepage as well. I tried running the webcam Get Digitizer vi to get the number, but I do not get anything else except the WDM at number 0.

Could you help me over the issue. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you for your time.



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What kind of errors are you getting when trying to set up the camera? Please let me know.


Rudi N.

Applications Engineer

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Hi Rudi,

I do not get any image on the front panel. There are no particular errors I can see. I am trying to run WEBCAM CONTINOUS

Thank you for your time.


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Hi Rudy,

I just forgot to mention that the Labview hangs after I stop or try to close the vi.

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I have not tried connecting to any of the USB cameras myself, that is the reason why I am not quite familiar with that library of VIs. I can however help you with any LabVIEW snags you are running into. Have you also tried to look at the FAQ section on Pete's page?

Please let me know what you find.


Rudi N.

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Hi luizmenezesjr,
I am using the one of the shipped examples "IMAQ USB Grab with Property Page Example". I dont want the vi to crash when the stop(abort) button is pressed. Is there a way to do so. Also, I dont want the errors to show up if the camera is unplugged.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
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