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Multiple webcam

Hello, Could anyone help me, please.
I have download Labview Webcam Library from Pete's homepage and I have problem in capture image from multiple webcams. I have 4 webcams , All of my webcams use WDM Driver so when i capture image from my webcams, I can capture image only from first Webcam.Could anyone know,How can I capture image from 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th webcam,respectively. Thank you.
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Could you please attach the link so I can go to this page as well and see what you are talking about?

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Parente's webpage is
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Thank you Brett,
I download Labview webcam driver from this page ...

please help me, Thanks
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What do you see when you try to capture from multiple webcams? Do you receive any errors or timeouts?

This looks to be an older driver with limited support but I will see what I can do.

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Dear Brett

Labview Webcam Driver from Pete's Homepage has not error. but it's not support multiple webcams if the webcams use the same video driver such as "Microsoft WDM". I have 4 Kodak DVC325 webcams and I plug each webcam in each usb port. when i use Pete's webcam driver, i can capture image only from 1st webcam. but 2nd,3rd ant 4th I can't. so do you have any idea to solve my problem? Can we modified Pete's webcam Driver for capture image from each webcam respectively by indicate IRQ or set device source from labview? This is my idea but I don't know how to do like i said. Please suggest me. Thank you.
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I have the same problem, both Parente's and National USB Webcam solution doesn't work with multiple webcam.

In fact, the NI-Imaq USB Cameras driver ( ) lists all my webcams, but they have the same name, and the webcam is selected by the name (so the labview can't distinguish between the names) 😞

if someone know how can we do this, please post here.
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Can I acquire from two USB cameras simultaneously with NI-IMAQ For USB Cameras 1.0?

NI-IMAQ For USB Cameras 1.0 does not support simultaneous acquisitions from more than one camera (stated at the top of page 6 in the IMAQ for USB Documentation).  

Note that you can still use the software with multiple cameras, but multiple cameras cannot simultaneously acquire.  You can use the IMAQ USB Enumerate Cameras function to identify each camera plugged into your system."

Well, i've to go with another solution...
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Hey Everybody! I am also trying to get multiple cameras to work. I do not have a problem with only using one camera at a time, but even so I cannot seem to get things to work. I can get IMAQ USB Enumerate Cameras to show me the list of cameras, but as stated they are all the same name, even though in the Windows device manager they have different names. If this is not fixable, I thought that I could just buy different cameras so I would have different names, but when I try to use IMAQ USB Init it crashes LabVIEW (on two systems). I do not know what video mode the camera needs, and IMAQ USB PropertyPage does not seem to work for me. Any work arounds? What about LabVIEW 8.20? Anything new with it? Thanks!
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     You said that you CAN get one camera to work at a time?  That is expected and is what the thread is talking about.  You can only use one camera at a time.

     As for Init crashing LabVIEW and USB IMAQ PropertyPage "does not seem to work". Could you elaborate exactly what you are doing and what the result is.  I am just not sure what you are seeing. Thanks.

John H
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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