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Multiple triggers on an analogue channel



I'm new(ish) to using LabVIEW and the cDAQ modules, though at work i've been asked to devise a logging system whereby we can log signals from pressure transducers in order to detect pressure spikes/vacuums that are harming a customers system.


I've managed to create a very (poorly) designed program that will monitor the twelve channels and log pre-trigger and post-trigger samples to a TDMS file.


However, my problem lies in that I need to be able to trigger both spikes and dips in the signal, independently on each channel.  For the life of me I can't figure it out and unfortunately my non-programming background hasn't helped me pick it up.


I also need to make it so that the end user can select the channels which to monitor and/or record from, as well as configurable sample rates etc.


I'm not very familiar with anything other than the express vi's which doesn't help, but i'm more than happy to put the effort in to figuring this out, I just need some help!


Thanks for your time!


Hardware: cDAQ-9184, NI 9205

Software: LV 15, DAQmx 15

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To have independent triggers on different channels (that can occur while another channel is acquiring), you need simultaneous sampling board or several boards.

Another option is to start all channels and acquire as long as needed to capture all data, or even continuously and select required portion of data programmatically. To make this efficient and on the fly, you will need some basic skills.

I do not know, how your signal looks like, something like Signal processing -> Signal operation -> Threshold or Peak will help


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