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Multiple symbols for a single item in the tree


Is it possible in  LabVIEW to assign more than one symbol to a single item in a tree?  I have a request to add this to an application but not sure if it is even supported. See attached for a generic image of what I am trying to do.

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AFAIK, the tree control can't do that...

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Can you create custom icons that have various combinations of symbols in them?  So if you need to show two symbols, they are both in the same icon.

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I was thinking that same thing.  If I can't add two icons to a single tree item I would need to improvise and create a custom icon that serves the purpose.

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But there is a limit to how big the symbols can be.



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I've started making my own tree control with a picture control quite a few times.


Of course, the picture control has it's limits too, and some are real show stoppers (not getting mouse up events outside the control, or outside a VI)… So it's not that easy.

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This link provides a way to have multiple icons for a row in multicolumn listbox. But I could not make it work in tree (adding a secret key for tree). Can anyone suggest a solution for having multiple icons in a tree row?



Priyadarsini S

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@Ben wrote:

But there is a limit to how big the symbols can be.



I think it's 16x16

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I had a need for multiple glyphs in a tree control and also saw the limitations be a problem.  I ended up putting a transparent picture control on top of the tree.  Then using control properties I could figure out what rows were being shown on the tree, and where the columns were.  I'd then draw images on the picture control to put it on top of the tree.  There were other complications of course with things like a column not being shown, or only partially, or what happens when you scroll left and right.  It ended up working alright but is a bit hacky, and is not in a state I can share.

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Some time ago with some effort I tried to realize a MCLB with multiple Icons too, but I couldn't be satisfied with the results and gave it up.

Now I posted this suggestion in the Idea Exchange Thread to point NIs attention to this problem.

Kudoes will help...

Greets, Dave
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