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Multiple plots on one graph



I am a student working on a small project. I am supposed to make a control system for an engine, which reads information from various sensors at various places (such as RPM, temprature, fumes, fuel usage, moment, etc.). I want to present all of these on 1 graph, and I want all of them visible at all times on one graph, X-axes will show variation over time and I want the Y-axes to display the value returned by the sensor. Since there will be such a large variance of the Y-aksis, which will range from 0-8000 RPM, and temperature ranging from 10-100 (degrees C), I want to display them in different colours, with plot matching the colour.


I've tried to draw a small picture (in paint) to attempt to illustrate what i mean, this is with two inputs (i need 8), I'm thinking that I want to put 4 variables on each side. And perhaps even with the ability to turn on and off the displayment with a button for each input below the graph.


I have seen that its possible to make such a graph with two inputs, one input on each side. My question is, is it possible to do this with 8, and if so, could someone help me out please? 


Thanks in advance.


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Here is another image which illustrates better how I want my graph to look.

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