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So when you said in your first message that you wanted to overwrite the message, you didn't actually mean that since you now say you want to concatenate.


Concatenate those two together and put them in one string indicator.  Your VI shows you already know how to concatenate strings.


I don't understand why you needed to ask the question.

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I don't want to concatenate them. I want to overwrite the old values.

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But you just said you wanted to merge and concatenate them.  So what do you actually want?

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I have two strings, I want one string.

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Then just use a local variable as was suggested earlier.


Have you taken the LabVIEW tutorials?  Because I'm quite sure they are mentioned in there.


LabVIEW Introduction Course - Three Hours
LabVIEW Introduction Course - Six Hours

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At the same time I was told to *not* use local variables.

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This is one of those times where it would be appropriate to use a local variable.  Even Bob said in message 3 that many "LabVIEW practicioners would say (Almost) never use a Local Variable'".  He didn't actually say never.


Now I'm not sure why you have the laser 2 indicator inside the for loops since you are going overwrite the values every loop iteration.  It will flash A B A C A D.  Where A is the initial string and B C and D are the new strings that show up on every iteration.  I would just move the local variable outside the loops so it would show A B C D.  A to start and B C D .... on each iteration of the loops.

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Okay, I can use a local variable. But I still don't know how I can change it from two different sources.

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Never mind, I figure it out. I can do more than one variable. That solves my problem. Thanks for the help!

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Right click the terminal.  Create Locat Variable.  Change it to Write mode if necessary.  Wire the other source to that and delete the extra Laser 2 indicator.


Please take those tutorials.  This is basic LabVIEW.

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