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Multiple Timers, Need to use all of them, in LabVIEW

I am using an ATMIO16L9 National card and want to use all 5 of the counters. The problem is LabVIEW"owns" some of them for data acq timing. I wrote an assembler routine to gain access to all the timers and wrote a program in Pascal to accomplish this. Now I want to port everything to LabVIEW and want to know how to get the following functionality:
One timer with a resolution of 0.0006 sec
One time with a capability to measure up to 65 seconds with .1 resolution.

Really want to use 2 timers and not get a memory overflow because of LabVIEWS desire to re-use reference numbers.

Would LOVE to learn how to do this! Are there cool things in LabVIEW 6 that would help?


Dave Korpi
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LabVIEW would normally access your board through NI-DAQ. You are, essentially, replacing NI-DAQ with your own driver, so you can use the same way to access it. Create a DLL with your functions to access the hardware with a Call Library Node. You can use a CIN also, but the DLL is probably better.
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