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MsiError 1627 during install application built with labview 2009

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I tried to install an application built with labview 2009, i have this fatal error "MsiError 1627: 1: 2727 2: UsFile".

Executable works fine whereas installer doesn't work !


UsFile is an Lvclass. i don't understand why i have this message. 


thanks a lot.

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Try to delete the installer from the project and create it again but do a test with a simple project first and then with your project.

If this not solve the issue, perhaps there is a problem with your MS Windows Installer service, it may be deactivated or corrupted. Here is an installer for 3.1 version of this service, from Microsoft : Windows Installer.


Let me know what happens.



Steve M.
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Hi thanks for answer,


I didn't delete the installer. it was not MSI desactivated or corrupted.


Problem is in File source : ProgramFilesFolder wasn't as the same as My application. So i refreshed that (the folder UsFile not appeared in ProgramFilesFolde)

Now, it works!


thanks a lot Bye

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I had the same error.


I had not set the default installation directory in the destination category in the application builder.



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