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Mp3 player

anyone design MP3player in Lab12 (the book is Digital signal Processing System -Level Design using labView  by Nasser Kehtarnavaz and NamJim Kim ) ?

I had design it but there is problem . the file PCM output is empty or is contain stream 0000000......

the problem in poly & , exact is in MDCT & of poly& PCM

please help me .

sorry my english !!!

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       Please re-read over the posts on the previous page.  Also, when you are attaching an example VI, please include all of the SubVIs and put them in a .zip folder.  There are some good example VIs that use ActiveX that are linked on Tunde's post on the first page.


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hi khong minh..

could you sent me your mp3player vi based the book : Digital signal Processing System -Level Design using labView by Nasser Kehtarnavaz and NamJim Kim, include the sub vi.
thank you

email :
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Hi Koen,
Could you plz repost your VI again. The VI is not supported by labVIEW 8.51.
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Hello, I'm a student, beginner in the LabView, yet enthuziast.

I want to make a dancing puppet as a project for my final exam and I don't know were to begin with.

I want the program to be able to browse for an Mp3 file, to be able to play it and to be able to analyse the sound. By splitting the audio signal into bass and trebble, I would count the spikes and for each spike send a signal to power a DC motor so that the puppet would start moving.

At first it sounded so simple but now I don't even know where to begin with. Could anyone help me with ideas?


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take a look at this for playing mp3 files . For your other question. If you want to do a "real time processing"  you may use the use the sound card input functions. Use a split cable and feed the sound output to the sound input, or a microphone. This may sound awkward but I think it is the only solution. Go to help->find examples and search for sound. Do NOT use Express VIs. Using Express VIs is like peeing in your pants a cold winter day. You may get warmer for a few minutes. But after that it will be very cold. 

I also strongly suggest you start a new tread

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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Is soundcloud a best option as a MP3?

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MP3 is a file format for storing a compressed audio signal.


Soundcloud is a website for sharing audio.  Created about a year before the last post was made (this is an old thread starting before Windows XP was released)


This thread is about creating an audio player in LabVIEW or leveraging existing tools to play audio.


What is your question again?

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