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Moving linear stage using .tex file




I am using labview to  interface DAQ card with my linear XY Stage (ASI MG 2000), i am giving coordinates in X Y using .tex file. When I run the the code in highlighted mode, it reads the text file, line by line. But when I switch to normal mode it reads the every third line in the code. So i have to repeat all the line in the code twice for accurate movement. 

Can someone help me why it is happening


Thanks in advance


I am attaching the code for reference

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Thanks for attaching the code.  There are a number of questions:

  • Your Title and the first line of your Post mentions a .tex file.  Are the files text files of raw LaTeX (or some other TeX) manuscript?  Or do you mean "text" files, recognized by the extension .txt?
  • It might be helpful to attach a sample file.
  • I see a VISA reference.  You seem to be writing to the VISA Port, though you also execute Get Motor Status (which also sounds like a "Write").  I don't know much about the linear stage, and what its timing requirements might be.  Can you provide a reference to how the Stage works with VISA?
  • I see a Milliseconds to Wait control that might "slow down" some of the processing, as does highlight execution mode.  Might you be saying "Go-Go-Go" too quickly?  How does the Stage let you know when you can send another command?
  • Have you considered an architecture where you wait for the Stage to be ready for a command, give the command, and go back to a Wait state?

Bob Schor

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