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Moving a stage using optical encoding to a desired set point.

Hello everyone, 


So I need to make a VI which controls the motorized stage and sets it to the point where the voltage values from the photodiode are maximum. The challenges are that the system is very noisy and we need to set it in a randomized motion before we start moving it towards the optimal point. 


Attempt at solution- I started by making a code which after setting the stage in a randomized position-  sweeps left and right ( brute force method) and while doing so detects the maximum value of photodiode voltage using the peak detector VI. But I need help in removing the noise ( both the electrical and wobbling of the stage) to get a better peak estimate. 

Also I need help in making a code which moves the motorized stage to the optimal point in least number of iterations after sweeping left and right. 



Thank you. 

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If you want help with your VI, post your VI.  If you want someone to do your work for you, go to the Forum for LabVIEW Developers Seeking Employment (found on the first page of the LabVIEW Forums, under Special Interest Boards).


Bob Schor

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