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Moving Data Verification



I have a querry regarding a small project that I have been doing for my final year project.


 >>   I have a tag which gives me continuous real time data to an array of 100 data ranging between 95 to 100 unit, which is filled as in FIFO way.

Of the updating array data.. I have to take first ten data and then find the mean of these first ten data and verify  the deviation of 1%. if of ten data 7(or greater or equal than 7) data are within range, i should allow this seven data only and discard  the reamining three data and pass for the further processing  and then take new set of another ten data from the real tag. if suppose there are 6 (or less than 7) data valid, then discard the whole 10 data set.


I would appreciate if this can be helped.. I am a newbie to labview and taking time for doing the project..

Thanks in advance...

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First, use the Reshape Array to form a 2D array (10x10 should work well here).  You can then use a FOR loop and autoindex on the rows.  Inside of the FOR loop, you just use the Standard Deviation And (in the Mathematics->Probability and Statistics palette) to get the deviation.  Do whatever you need to from there.

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hi,  Thanks for reverting,

Following is the attached file that I have tried to make.

Kindly have a look into it and help me with the corrections.

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