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Moveable Column Seperators Property

I just completed an exhaustive search of all 4,294,967,296 property indices.  None yields access to the Moveable Column Separators property.

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I would suggest, as Chris had suggested previously, to set the column width and height once the X control is in run time and discard any user changes made thereafter.

Ian M.
National Instruments
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The XControl I'm working on is getting more complicated, and that won't work well.  There is sorting based on mouse down events on the column headers.  So I can't simply ignore any mouse downs during run-time.  


I wanted to add a right click option when not in run-time to allow moveable column seperators or not (exactly like the normal multicolumn listbox control has).  I didn't expect it would be this difficult.  It sounds like there isn't a solution that will fit my needs, unless someone can tell me how to programatically call that menu.

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I would suggest using the accumulated column width method I suggested earlier. It sounds like it should be easy enough to implement and you basically just need to get the width of enough columns.

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