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Moore than one curve on a chart?


We have a waveform chart that we want to see some signals on. The problem is that we only have one value all the time that is written on the chart. But we have moore than one signal. It varies between the values of the signals in the chart. We would like it to be written out as two or moore curves. Does anyone have any idea about this?

Best regards!
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Use a cluter.
Check annex vi.

Hope this helps,
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Thank you for your quick answer! The problem we have is that it could be 2 signals and next time it could be 5 signals... We have for example values for signal a= 1 2 3 4 5 and for signal b= 10 11 12 13 14. What we get in our solution in the chart is one curve with the values 1 10 2 11 3 12 4 14 5 . It could be 5 signals (a,b,c,d,e) next time we measure. Thank you for your help! Best regards.
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If you were to have context help turned on and on the diagram, move the mouse over the chart indicator, the help window will tell you the various ways to have multiple waveforms on a chart. There is also the shipping example called Charts. This illustrates a couple of of the methods. What are your signals? Are they scalars, waveform data types, 1D arrays?
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You don't mention how you're acquiring the signals so I'm going to assume it's something like a multiple channel data acquisition. Look at the example called Cont Acq&Chart. The AI Read One scan returns a 1D array of one or more channels. There is then another build array to create a 2D array. The waveform chart is set to transpose the array to properly display the separate channels.
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We took out a bit of our program so you can see. The signals are acquired from a CAN-bus from the beginning (data). So you can not see any signal from the "X8" and "X6" but you can see the problem better...

So we want it to be as (in this case, it could be moore than two signals ...) two straight curves on the values 10 and 11 (in this case because you can not see any value from the X6 and X8 as we have).

Thank you for your help! Best regards.
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