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Monitoring wind turbines' data's in text files, time format problem



I am trying to build a program to monitor 2 wind turbine and a meteorology station. All of them have their own software; and they give continuously real time data in text format. First Wind Turbine (WT) has a software which is designed also by labview but I can't see the codes. The time format of it is here:For  2011:03:02:10:49:42,390. I have seen this format in Format Specifies Syntax. The other WT' time format is here:2011 03 08 00 00 29 6. And the meteorology station has this format: 08.01.1114:14. (I upload text file examples)


My goal is to graph data's in other columns according to time. But each text time has different time format. Should I make them time string in same format then use them in graphs? I was not able to build a VI which recognize 2011:03:02:10:49:42,390 and graph it with RPM (for example).


Thanks a lot for any help.



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If the data is periodic and occurs at regular intervals, then you can use the Build Waveform (Analog Waveform) Function vi. You would simply specify the start time, the time interval, and the data values for each point in time. If your data is not periodic, you can use the Scan from String Function vi to convert your different time stamps into a common format that LabVIEW can then understand. Please see the links below.

Scan from String Function:


Build Waveform (Analog Waveform) Function:

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