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Modifying CAN Signal Output

I have been working with the CAN Signal Output trying to get data from my analogue input moduel (NI 9205) onto a CAN bus via my NI 9862.


I started off by working with the example VI; CAN Signal Output (attached at the bottom of this post) and that worked fine, I could clearly see the data coming over the CAN bus into my analysis tool in real-time. To modify the vi I removed the Signal Generation components and added DAQmx Read blocks (again attached at the bottom of this post). When viewing the Waveform Chart window the changes I make to the input is reflected in the Waveform Chart window in real-time; however the data on the CAN bus is delayed by around 1 - 2 seconds. I am using the same XNET database in each setup so that isn't causing the issue.


The NI modules are housed inside a cDAQ-9178.





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