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Modbus library for DS2011


From what I have read on the forum there should be a modbus library that is included as part of the DSC module which I have.  However, I don't see any of the vi's from my DSC module.  Do I need to do something to enable this?  Should I just download and use the free vi's .  Is there a run-time license involved if I want to use these vi's(the ones that are part of the DSC module) as part of an executable and/or a cRIO realtime?

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Here is the top level link for the Modbus library.


It actually is unrelated to the DSC module.  You can download it and install it in LV 2011.  No special run-times needed.  They are ordinary LabVIEW VI's that are designed to work with serial ports through VISA or with TCP/IP ports.

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hi i want file  for modbus



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Hi rezar25,


The Modbus library can be downloaded at the link in RavensFan's post:


The Modbus library is an older product and not fully supported anymore. As the note on the download page states, the DSC (Data logging and supervisory control module) is reccommended:

"Please note that this is an example program and not an official NI Product.  For a more complete, fully supported MODBUS solution, NI recommends the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module"




Catherine B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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