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Mixed signal graph: Displaying digital busses


Yes, in all cases, the lines were dragged onto the bus. See Capture2.PNG and compare to Capture-NoDrag.PNG (enclosed), which I just created for comparison purposes - they are not the same. As far as I can tell, Capture2.PNG looks just like Mike's screenshot, but please correct me if you see a difference I have missed.


Thank you!




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Yes.  Capture 2 looks like Mike's screen shot.  Capture-no drag does not.


Capture 2 gives me the results like Mike's.  Capture-no drag gives me results like you originally had.


Do you see how capture 2 shows the lines indented, and the collapse bar on the bus line, and a signal on the bus line?

Capture no-drag does not show the lines indented, no collapse bar on the bus line, and a blank signal on the bus line.


Did you remember to hit OK after dragging the lines onto the bus?





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Yes, I hit OK. I can go back and reopen the properties for the Group Digital Signals VI and the dialog looks just like Capture2.PNG.




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Did you run the VI again?


Give a screen shot that shows the dialog, the code, and the FP results after running all at once.


I'm sorry, but what you are saying is happening is no longer correlating with my experience with this code.


Attach your actual VI as well.  That is easier than working with screenshots.  And maybe there is some hitting setting somewhere that explains the differences.

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I was thinking the same thing regarding the VI - see attached. I've tried this code on 2 separate PCs here with the same results. See what happens when you run it.




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I do see the behavior you have.  I actually had LV12 and LV13 open on my PC at the same time.  When I tried replicating the VI, it was in LV2013, and the differences were explained by the dragging and dropping.


When I tried your VI, it opened up in LV12, and I see the behavior you describe.  (lines grouped in the dialog, but the graph not showing the bus).  I saved the VI and opened in LV13, and it worked just like it should.


I think you came across a bug in LV12.


It might be CAR#

The Mixed Signal Graph does not correctly label plots in LabVIEW 2012 says this was one of the bugs fixed in LV 2013.


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