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Mixed Signal Graph property nodes building memory - Resulting in LV Crash

Hello all,


I am facing an issue of huge memory building up in my application while I try to pass the reference of a mixed signal graph I build. I am saving the graph as jpg or png image in a SubVI using the reference received. I could not see any potential reference leaks even with DETT .I had already tried the following updates to reduce the memory build but I couldn't see any potential reduction in the amount of memory built.

  1. Initially, In the main VI, I had the SubVI as such and was calling the function. Instead, I had made it as dynamic calling VI using Call by reference in the Main VI.
  2. In the main VI, I was passing the reference of the mixed signal graph but was not getting back from the SubVI. I have updated the SubVI to return the reference and close it.
  3. Placing the memory deallocation VI at the end of the SubVI to deallocate the unused memory.
  4. In the SubVI, I was recreating the plot in the indicator placed in the SubVI front panel in order to use Get Image invoke node. As a part of this process , I had been using implicit property nodes. I had replaced them with Explicit property nodes so that I can close its reference.

I have reproduced the issue by creating a prototype from the piece of code which was building memory. I could not still figure out the exact reason for the issue. It would be great if I could get solution or suggestions on how to proceed on this. The Main VI will have the default value in the mixed signal graph which is similar to the actual data used in our application.


The prototyped code is in LabVIEW 2012.

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