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Mixed Signal Graph additional plot areas not zoomable as Type Def


Hello fellow forum users,


until this point I have been a passive user only and this is my first post in the NI forums so please feel free to hint any newbie mistakes to me.


I am trying to use the Mixed Signal Graph to plot multiple waveforms each in a different plot area. Everything works as expected until I make a Type Def. from my Mixed Signal Graph. After that, the graph palette functions to not work on any other plot areas than the first one. However it is necessary to be able to zoom the y-axis in every plot area.

My question is if this is a bug or the intended functionality and if intended, why is it that way and is there another way to resolve the issue besides not making it a Type Def.


Any help is appreciated.


Best regards,


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Hi Stefan,


sorry for the late reply. It seems this got buried in the forum.

I did some digging and can confirm that this is not expected behaviour, but a bug that is already known to the development team.

I spent some time to look for a possible workaround for this, but the only thing I noticed is that the functionality returns once the graph is disconnected from the typedef. This means that one could use the typedef as usual during development, but disconnect it before deploying it/ giving it to the user.


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