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Mitsubishi FX thru LabVIEW

Communicating to a FX2N throught RS-232 is possible. We do it everyday for about 25 PLC's here where I work. I can not give you the code. It took a long time to figure things out and I do not believe that my company would appreciate me just giving out the code that we developed to do this. I just wanted to let you know that it can be done.

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Hi aeastet,


million thanks for knowing it. I understand. Just want to ask you if I need to install additional software from Mitsubishi like MX component to comunicate thru PLC using RS-232 or its still possible even without it?



Ivel R. | CLAD
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You will need no additional software. Everything can be done directly through the RS 232 port. You just have to figure out the communication protocol.

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hi Tim,


after my intense battle w/ this mitsubishi PLC, unfortunately i still cannot get the right LV code. actually, If ever i succeeded to communicated w/ PLC, I will only used this as demo to our boss promoting LV software to be used for developing a PC-based HMI in industrial applications (e.g. PLC) and not to implement this in PD line because of its limitation (rs-232 is 1 to 1 station only: better & easy communicate PLC thru modbus or OPC).


I just want to see and prove to my boss that I can get the right response from PLC when I'm sending right and read commands using rs-232, i have no money to buy higher PLC models. IF EVER you have some VERY basic simple example (not the program of your company) that I can be used as a starting reference point to develop this LV program using rs-232, you will make me the one of the most happiest person you have ever helped. It will surely be very helpful for me in the future if we implement Mitsubishi in our other automation projects.


whether you offer your help or not, Thanks so much & I understand...





Ivel R. | CLAD
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 I meet the same question with you,can you give me the way to contact you,(QQ or others)!Thank you !

Looking forward to your replyyour

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Hi Ivelson,


I am new to communicate labview with plc fx series using Serial Port.

1. Could you share pic of serial connection wiring between pc and plc?

2. Should I create a program into plc or labview can write & read on plc although is empty

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