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Missing measurement entries for DAQMx

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Hi there, in my program a small error occurred.


The following error occurs in all exported files:


LabViewBug.PNGWith the defined task I get all 0.004 seconds 3 values from 3 different physical input channels.

Exactly one second, the time series jumps to another interval. The error occurs only on exactly one second. In the second (2, 3, 4...) The error does not occur!

Does anyone have an idea what problem that can be?



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How is the task defined?  As Continuous Samples or N Samples?

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Oh, sorry for this missing Information.


It is defined as continious. 

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Okay.  I was thinking that if it was N samples, a small Windows hiccup might cause you to miss some milliseconds worth of data.  Continuous should work since it keeps the buffer going and the data should be there in the event of delay.


Attach the actual VI so we can see what some of the values you have in the controls.

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Here is the current Version of the Vi

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Accepted by topic author JohannesS93

It looks like you are clearing the task after every iteration, so it needs to make a new task each time.

  1. Create task outside loop
  2. Clear Task Outside loop
  3. Only read samples inside loop.


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Good catch.  I completely missed that.


That would effectively kill the positive things about Continuous Samples.

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Everybody misses an "extra point" every now and then. Smiley Wink



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@mcduff wrote:



Everybody misses an "extra point" every now and then. Smiley Wink



Oh nooo!!!   Too soon!


Smiley SurprisedSmiley LOL

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