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Missing VIs in 3D picture control 2010?

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Hey everyone,


I have been trying to follow this developer guide for Labviews visualization functions:


I have discovered that a lot of the VIs shown here for 3D picture control are not available for the (free) module in Labview 2010, even with the control and simulation toolkit. Is this the case for other users?


Examples of 3D picture control VIs that I cannot find in Labview 2010's block diagram functions are:







"camera look"

"create positional"




I can however find the following VIs:

Geometries Menu




"create height"





Object Menu




Transformations Menu












 Helpers Menu



"create clip"





File Loading Menu

 "load ASE"

 "load vrml"

 "load STL"


So my question is why can't I access the first list of VIs in 2010, are the functions somehow hidden with new VIs? Or am I missing a library, or where these functions discontinued for the 2010 release? If they were discontinued, is there any way of building an scene and drawing it from scratch in 2010's version?


Many thanks!



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The 3D picture control is natively available to LabVIEW 2010. The issue you are running into is because you are trying to open a VI that uses the first NI-Labs 3D Picture Control, which was replaced with the native 3D PIcture Control. Those functions are "obsolete" and you would have to manually replace your code with the new shipping API. You can also try to use the old toolkit, but keep in mind that this is not supported:


The examples for the new API can be found in:


C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\examples\picture\3D Picture Control


and you should be able to find most of the VI necessary to modify your old toolkit to the new one.


Hope this helps...

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