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Missing VI



I recently installed LabView 2013 SP1. From the License manager, the professional development system package is activated successfully.


When I execute LabView, the first thing I noticed is that there are some sub-vi missing. For instance under the Mathematics pallete, several icons are missing and I believe those icons must come with the standard LabView software? After checking the vi path, it is confirmed that the \National Instruments\LavView\vi.lib\gmath folder is missing.


Is there anyway to fix this problem?


Kind Regards,


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Look at the About window and verify you actually installed Professional.  There are several palettes in the Mathematics palette that are not available in the Base and Full versions.


Otherwise, try a repair.

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Hi hykewi,

   Try to treinstall labview. Installation of labview might get corrupted or not installed successfully. Check out the version number after installing.

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How did you install it (download (from where?), DVD, etc.) and did you deselect any parts?

Were there any errors during the install?

Was this a clean install or did you also have other LabVIEW versions (licensed, evaluation) installed.

Is your license for 2013 or 2013 SP1?




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I installed v2013 initially (via internet) and it got upgraded to SP1 at a later stage, all the settings were kept default during the installation process. 

I tried to browse through NI website and apparently there is no way I can download the sub-vi separately. 

I am now trying to uninstall it before another clean install and hopefully he problem can be resolved.

Kind Regards,



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Go to "Programs and Features" (or its equivalent in Win10, "Apps and Features"), select National Instruments Software, click on "Modify".  Then choose "LabVIEW" and see if you have some components that need installing.  To facilitate this, try comparing your install to others where it isn't missing.


I agree with everyone else that it isn't really "missing" as much as it was not installed in the first place.

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