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Missing VI when running application

I get a missing VI message when I load my application. See attached.


When I run my application on a different PC, it works fine.





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It seems that the PC where you are running your application now is not having the required toolkit installed.

If this is for deployment, you need to make sure you select the right toolkit option while building the installer.


It would be good if you could explain the system setup in more detail.

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Just like Fragger Fox said.


If you need to install this on a different machine, it is best to build an Installation instead of building an executable.  When building an Installer, you can select which toolkit to include.  In your case you'll need the Math Kernel Libraries.  It may be called something else if you are using an older version of LabVIEW.


The selection is found under "Additional Installers" under the Category box on the left of the Installer Properties.

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Thanks Fragger and Ray for you help.


I selected the additional installers and checked off the selection Math Kernel Libraries. This works... Thanks




One would think ,the application builder would include every VI needed to run the application and strip out what not being used.


Thanks again,



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