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Missing USB VISA Resource

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I have just started configuring a new installation of LV 2016 on a Win 10 machine. I have a USB 6501 plugged in. It shows up in IMAX and the Device Manager. When I open a VISA Resource control on a LV front panel, the device is not shown in the pull down menu. I apologize if this is common  but I have little experience with USB instruments. I would appreciate some help.

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For that you have to install a NI VISA driver, that's here

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Driver installed, Version 19, I believe.

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Hmm.....I just checked it on another machine with Win 7  and I get the same result so I must be doing something wrong. I am using a plain vanilla VISA Open VI and creating a FP control. I also checked the VISA Alias list in IMAX and it is not there but shows up in the IMAX hierarchy as "Dev2". I have Resource Names for some other GPIB-USB instruments that are installed and I am able to run them correctly. It's just the 6501 that is not showing up in LV.

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Accepted by topic author yikes

Thanks for the help. The 6501 is under the DAQ umbrella not VISA. Device Name not Visa Resource.

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