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Missing Sub VI's post Application Build Process

I have a fairly straightforward VI that I have created in Labview 7.1. It reads 5 DI analog input channels using NI USB 6008 devices, manipulates the data then writes to a file. The read and write functions are handled using the NI DAQMX canned read and write sub VI's. The program works find running on the host computer. However, once I run the Application Builder feature and transfer the VI to a second computer get a crash and told that the system cannot find the sub VI's. I have read all the literature several times and still cannot figure out what I am missing. Can anyone shed a bit of light on this? Thanks. 
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I think that the literature is pretty clear that you should not simpley copy the exe to another pc. If you create an installer, you also get the needed run-time engine. With 7.1, it's difficult to include the necessary installer for DAQmx but you can install that separately. If you are using tasks that you created in MAX, you will have to ecport them and then import them on the other pc's.
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