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Missing LV packed library (lvlibp) dependency when calling .NET interop assembly (dll)



I'd like to use my LV application from .NET. To do that I use the .NET interop assembly (dll) export by LV. My LV application uses LV packed libraries (lvlibp), which seems to cause the problem of .NET not findig the packed library.


I attach an example LV project and the corresponding DLL file plus a Visual Studio project (.NET).


The dependencies in this toy project are as follows: calls

The DLL is generated to wrap The error occurs when I try to instantiate SimpleTestClass in .NET. The error says that the cannot be found.


Any ideas?

.NET project dependencies:


dll lvlibp dependencies.png


Error thrown in Visual Studio:

dll lvlibp error.png

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Let me answer my own question 🙂


It turns out that the packed library file (lvlibp) must be placed next to the EXE file (and not next to the DLL!) generated by .NET.


By the way, there is a small error in the attached projects as member VIs are not saved correctly.



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