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Missing Files in Feb. 2010 Device Drivers installer

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I have downloaded the February 2010 several times.  Each time I try to run the installer, I get several error messages saying that installation files are missing.  Has anyone else had these issues?  Is there a workaround for it?
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Did you download both files?  There were two separate downloads at ~1.7 GB  each.
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Yes, I downloaded both of them several times. 
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Did you unzip both of them?


I'm sorry if it sounds like a simple question.  But I was able to download both and had no problems.  The default location they were unzipped to was C:\National Instruments Downloads\NI Device Drivers\Feb10 for me.


Attached is a screenshot of my folder where they were unzipped to (at least the top level).  See if your folder is missing any of these.


I would have suggested a corrupt download file, but since you downloaded them several times, I doubt that is the issue.


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Ok so the problem turned out to be I unzipped them into different directories.  I put download 1 into Device Driver 1 folder and download 2 into the Device Driver 2 folder thinking that they would work like they used to on different disks.  Also, it's kinda misleading because the download 1 tries to run itself after unzipping.  This is a problem if you haven't already unzipped download 2.


Thanks for the suggestions.


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