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Missing DLL Files

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Hey I have a problem .. I recently labview onto my computer .. Fresh installation .. The problem is that no matter which drivers I install for any keithley instrument I get the error "KE----_32.dll" (---- stands for 6485 or 622x) file missing ..


I installed the following software/drivers but still getting this error:





For KE6485/6487 I got the dll file from the following post ( but this is now becoming a headache as this happens with every instrument ..Does anyone know how I can fix it??

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And exactly where did you install your drivers? I have no idea about the first on your list but it seems that last two are unsupported and written by Keithley. They aren't LabVIEW drivers either but CVI/IVI. At the very least, you can go to the block diagrams and edit the Call Library Function Node to point to the actual location of your dll.
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I installed everything in deafult directory (i.e. C .. Program Files . National Instrument .. Labview 2011)


Screenshot of error is attached

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That's not the default directory for an IVI driver as you can see. Put it in the bin folder that it is searching for. Lots of information in that pop-up that you are ignoring.
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Thank You .. You are right .. The problem is now resolved

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