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Migrating large project from DSC 7.1 to LabView 2009 Shared Variables ... What's the next step after recreating my variables?

Ah... OK, my controllers don't offer me an "ALL" option (that I could find) for the DO, so I had to deal with each one independently from the start.

I will say that for array *variables* in the controller, the shared variable implementation (8.x and up) works MUCH better than the old tags. You actually can pull the whole array back in one operation.


Sorry I don't have better information.

Did you create an IO server pointing to the OPC data being published by your controller? If so, you should be able to browse to that server via the "create shared variable" dialog boxes and see if the ALL item is being published as something you can connect to.

Kevin Roche
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Don't know about creating a server pointing to those targets (there are probably about 5 that this particular code is pulling from/pushing to) because I don't see the "ALL" variables (although these DO show up in the field point config I imported). Is there a white paper to do this? Still, I think I'll have to recreate the variable names for the library of variables across the several targets. I have the CSV file with the variable library per your instructions, but each is targeting the local host, then up to the shared variable library running on a 7.x server, which is what I'm trying to move away from (targeting the hosts directly).


What I'm trying to avoid is the create shared variable for the 400+ variables used in the code (I'm refactoring since the company's in-house programmer left). Think I'm going to be relegated to creating a library from the FieldPoint config and mapping the scales to all the channels used. Going to be a nightmare removing the legacy "TAG" sub-vi's (there are several hundred buried in existing code (not written very well) and replacing with FP read/write sub-vi's.

Tommy R.
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So what I've discovered is that the Field Point Configuration in Max is what is linked to the available tags variable names. This is helpful, but all the tags from the previous version don't have /My Computer/"FP controller"/Channel, it's just "FP controller"/Channel, so I have to go in a replace every tag with the updated tag name association.


I've opted not to do this because the Read/Write Tag is deprecated, so I'm moving to the shared variable library version, and I've based the library on an exported tag list, which is mostly complete, except for the URL link, so I'm having to do some work, but at least this technique makes available the "ALL" variable for the target modules (especially useful for turning everything off (or on) in one shot. This is used a great deal in the code I'm refactoring and I don't want the additional work to add code for each channel (if you use the Field Point Read and Write sub-vi's there is no "all" channel option that I can tell).


Thanks for the help.

Tommy R.
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