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Microsoft Hotfix for USB DAQ Devices

Downloading the latest DAQ drivers for a new project today, and I noticed this in the Read Me:


Microsoft Hotfix for USB DAQ Devices and Windows XP

If you are using NI-DAQmx with a USB DAQ device, National Instruments recommends that you install the Microsoft hotfix reported in Knowledge Base 969238.


I'm just wondering if anyone has any experiences with this hotfix.  MS recommends not installing unless you're seeing a specific problem.  But NI recommends installing it.  I'm inclined to install it.  But I'm just curious if anyone else has already. 




Patrick Allen:
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Normally I think the hotfix would not be necessary with standard consumer USB devices but Data Acquisition tends to tax USB to its limits.  Because of this fixes that may not be standard for consumer items can become more important.  I read up on the hotfix and didn't see any downside to installing it so I would go for it.
Doug Farrell
Solutions Marketing - Automotive
National Instruments

National Instruments Automotive Solutions
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One thing I discovered yesterday is that the hotfix you download comes in a password locked zip file.  I didn't have access to the email that contained the password at the time, so it was a bit of a problem. 


Remember to unzip your hotfix as soon as you download it.  

Patrick Allen:
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I just read this thread and although I'm not seeing symptoms, I thought I'd do the fix anyway as a preventive measure, based on what you said. In the process of starting to download the fix, I encountered this:


Hotfix Request

  • A hotfix is intended to correct a specific problem.
  • Apply the hotfix only to systems that are experiencing the specific problem.
  • Installing the incorrect hotfix can cause damage to your system.
  • If you are not sure whether the hotfix is the correct one for your system, do not install it.
  • Hotfixes are included in subsequent service packs that are safer to install through Microsoft Update.

Does this imply that regular Windows XP updates  and SPs already HAVE this fix? How can I tell if I have the fix in place?

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Regarding WinXPUSBHotFix Warning with USB Device on Windows XP:


WARNING - WinXP Service Pack 3 is NOT including the REQUIRED WinXPUSBHotFix.  For USB NI DAQ-6211, Warning at install upon first NI Max open and explore USB 6211, AND Yellow Triangle inside Icon.  Means you NEED this:

KB Article Number(s): 969238

Language: English

Platform: i386



If you fail to archive this USBHotFix with the legacy box you are working on, you are jast asking for distress later.  Save this Hot Fix ! ! !  

   Have a nice day 😉

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Excellent, it fixed my problem win an USB-6008

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Hi all,


Having an old laptop at the lab, I would need this fix. Would someone still have the file around?


I would appreciate (and save me a lot of trouble) if I could get it.


Thank you

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