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Microsoft HealthVault Connection to LabVIEW

Has anyone used the Microsoft Healthvault Developers Kit and created a set of VI's for LabVIEW. 

I have the A&D Medical Bluetooth Scale and Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor talking to LabVIEW.


I now wish to get this data into HealthVault so I can track the data.




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Hi gregc,


I didn’t find any shipping examples to answer your question. However, I noticed that the HealthVault SDK contains .net assemblies for interacting with the HealthVault platform. The link is Microsoft HealthVault SDK

LabVIEW gives you the ability to use .net assemblies through several .net nodes. Using these nodes, you can instantiate .NET objects, invoke functions and access properties of .NET classes and objects. In addition, you can host .NET UI Controls on the LabVIEW front panel. Please follow the instructions of Calling .NET Assemblies from LabVIEW


Please let’s know if this helps.





Yupeng J.
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Thanks, but I am not a .NET software savy person.  I looked and it seems like a lot of function APIs and a test server.  The goal was just to login, then store the readings for weight and blood pressure.  Any hot-shot people in the NI AE group? 

It would seem that NI would maybe have something since the home health topic is hot.  LabVIEW is a great too for protptyping.

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I'd suggest downloading and installing the SDK. It will create example programs in VB.NET.


Don't get overally dependent on LabVIEW and actually complicate what you want to do when there are other tools readily available.




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Hi gregc,


Unfortunately we don't have the shipping examples. I'd suggest downloading and installing the HealthVault SDK to solve your problem.



Yupeng J.
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