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here is the example using strings


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But you should be very careful when doing this with strings, because it has specific behaviors which may be unexpected such as being case sensitive.

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Also, don't get bit by the range not being inclusive when dealing with strings.

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Thanks for the warning guys...  🙂

I should have mentionned those with the examples...


I have not used this with strings...  Just wanted to include them from an interest point of view..  🙂

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[edit] Hmm beat me to it.  I should have flipped the page firstSmiley Very Happy it would have saved me some wiring

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Yes, we do have to be careful with the string ranges in cases, they behave like "In Range and Coerce", except there is no graphical representation showing that "a..c" doesn't include the "c", the way that the "IR&C" shows you. It is also counter intuitive that numeric ranges of a case statement, i.e. 2..5, include all the values from 2 to 5 inclusive, sort of like rules of spelling in English, "i" before "e", except after "c" or on alternate Tuesdays in months that have an even number of days.

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Hi all. Smiley Happy

I have made a VI that gets a list of the ClassNames and ClassID's of Block Diagram items... i.e. for you Scripters out there.


I have placed and labeled dozens of items on the block diagram. The generated list is shown on the front panel. If you want to know the ClassName for an item not shown, just put it down and hit run.


Preview below .. VI attached. 2010. You'll need Scripting turned. I've used OpenG for a few array operations, but it's not a big deal.


[EDIT: Deleted image and VI by request, see new post, message 61]


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Can you elaborate on your diagram comment for the need of two FOR loops. Since your are indexing over the same array, shouldn't the iterations always match?

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