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Merging Videos

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I am currently trying to merge 4 videos so you can see (and save) all of them in one video. After playing around with the NI Vision VIs I found a problem:


When I enlarge the video, the changes are applied to the indicator, even though I enlarge it after I have the frame sent to the indicator. Why is that?


Please give me hints and not complete solutions to the problem.

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I managed to scale the image to twice the original size, thus giving me an image with the appropriate size. I just need to insert the video into that image. If I put the image to image2 function two times in a row, the image indicator goes blank.


Does anybody know anything about this topic? Am I completely wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Here you can see my code, it still uses the two clock videos I posted earlier.

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Accepted by topic author PeterFoerster

Hooray... I finally achieved what I wanted...

Although I must admit: I have written more beautiful code before...


Now I just have to do some trimming, here and there, to create a "good" program

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