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MenuRef only appears in a menu activation event, need it to show in a menu selection user event

I reviewed the run-time menu example and the menu selections with events example and they both have the MenuRef Event parameter
in menu activation and menu selection events.
I cannot get teh menuref to show up in any event other than the menu activation event
have a runtime menu pop-up
once the user selects a menu item the selected menu item is to be renamed with a checkmark in front of the name
another problem with this scenerio is that I cannot get the checkmark symbol to show up in the menu item array, I don't believe
a checkmark has an ascii value, and the menu name array seems to only accept ascii values.
Any help on this would be appreciated
Tim C.
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You cannot add a check box with a list box as the listbox only takes in text. Is there a specific reason you are trying to do this. I would recommend using a table instead of a list control for a run time menu control. You can modify the tables. I looked up a few resources and found the following link that will be very useful for you and you could use the VI.

Thanks and hope this helps.
Avi Harjani

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