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Menu Offset bug?

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Just wondering if anyone has seen this issue before in LabVIEW 2017, and if they have how to fix it? This is a strange problem where sometimes, (the problem seems to come and go randomly) you select a menu option, in the included image I am selecting the "File" menu, and the menu itself appear but very offset from where it is supposed to be. When the screen is in full screen mode, it is actually off the screen entirely where you cannot see it. Very annoying. Thanks...


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05-21-2019 11:35 AM

I have seen it with mixed monitors of different resolutions, particularly when the navigation window or Context help is on the other monitor.  It may not even be resolution, but the font size setting for the monitors being different.


Try closing the Context Help, and/or putting it on the same monitor that you are trying to open the menu on.  If it behaves properly, then it is almost certainly the resolution/font size issue I talked about.


The other fix would be to make the monitors match in resolution and font size.


There have been a few threads discussing this, with enough searching you may find them.

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I think it's caused by different DPI scalings between the monitor that LabVIEW starts on (detects as main, in some way) and another monitor that you happen to have at a different scaling.

I use two monitors with no problems at completely different resolutions if I just set them both to the same (100%) DPI scaling - this makes my main monitor have rather small text, but for LabVIEW this can be fairly useful anyway...

Edit: I should point out that when I had different scalings, I saw the problem you're describing anytime things were supposed to appear on my second monitor (for example, if I dragged a VI there (or near the border) and right clicked to open the palettes, or the menu.

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Yes. This is usually fixed my making sure the scaling of the screen is at 100%. This KB discussed this issue Smiley Happy 



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