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Memory leak with queues in LV 8.6 ?

Hi there,


is there a bug known that LV 8.6 leaks memory when queues are used in the orinary way (Obtain /Destroy outside (timed) loop) ?


Something known in this direction ?


Best regards, 




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There should not be any issues. Use the Queue Status function (the one with a question mark on it) and monitor all of its outputs as a troubleshooting tool to see if you are queuing up things you are not aware of. Make sure your loops have some delay. Make sure you are not re-obtaining the queue over and over. Monitor the error out of the queue - is there a Warning (of any type) on the error cluster? If none of this helps, post some code so we can see how you are using the Queue.



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You could technically use Preview queue and add to front of queue to have it function in a normal manner yet build the queue infinitly.

Could you post your vi?


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Hi there,


I cannot publish the entire code, because it is property of our company.


I've attached some code which mimics the functionality quite well, altoughthe code below seems not to leak.


I've tried to limit the time consumption of the loop below by applying the "Wait until next ms multiple" vi. Then memory increases slower.


If the lower loop is entirely removed, leaking stops completely.


Note also that in the original code, the loops do not contain any functionality. If the upper loop is stopped, leaking stops also.


The application testing is always done with executables, so the compiler might be also an issue.


Hope you have an idea.



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@Ted King2 wrote:


I've attached some code which mimics the functionality quite well, altoughthe code below seems not to leak.

I'm sorry, I'm completely confused.  The code you attached duplicates the issue you're having, except it doesn't actually demonstrate the issue?


I really can't understand what you're trying to show in the attached code.  There's no need for the sequence structures - it can all be done with dataflow - and the case and diagram disable structures don't help.  Could you remove them and simplify this to code that actually demonstrates the problem you're seeing, such that a forum user could download your code, run it, and see the memory leak?

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