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Memory leak that unable to be captured by Desktop Management Trace Toolkit

Hello All,


I am facing memory leak problem in labview 2014 32 bit


the memory slowly build up until it hit 1.4gb and thing going abnormaly


when started, it consumed about 360mb and 400mb while running


but after 2 days runnig, the memory closing 1.4gb


i tried the desktop management trace toolkit, and i try to search for reference leak and memory consumption over 10mb when software is in idle state (but already near 1.4gb)


i am using dll of some instrument and fpga module


so can i assume that there is no reference leak and the memory leak is not because of labview but the dll and possibly also the fpga?

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Memory growth != memory leak. Are you creating/opening referenses all over the place or reusing them? Are you making data copies? There are many ways to abuse LV to make the memory grow without leaking.

I had a program that created a reference 30 times/sec, causing the memory to slowly grow.

Ofcourse it can be the DLL, but i'd say it's too soon to conclude that.


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A good way of getting to the bottom of this is to use the Performance Monitoring tools under the Tools bar in LabVIEW. Additionally I've isolated memory leak/growth issues by using diagram disable structures to isolate and "turn off" sections of code until the memory leak stopped.


Once it did I knew where to look, I even may isolate that code further with more smaller sections of diagram disable structures.


Could you also possibly provide your project files? Or at the very least a description of your application, the design pattern you have selected and the operations that take place in your application?


Best regards,



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